Pre-sale service

Be a good adviser and assistant to customers, so that users can get rich returns on every investment.

(1) Selection of equipment model.

(2) Design and manufacture products according to customers' special requirements.

(3) Train technical personnel for customers.

(4) To provide technical consultation on construction of new, special and difficult projects or formulate appropriate construction plans


Sale service

Respect customers; Give customers a rest assured, a relaxed, a surprise; Committed to improving the overall value of customers.

(1) Door-to-door delivery within warranty period.

(2) Pre-acceptance of products.

(3) Introduce the Chinese service system to customers

After-sales service

Improve the overall value of customers, so that customers have no worries.

(1) Assist users to formulate the initial construction plan.

(2) Equipment installation and debugging.

(3) On-site training for operators.

(4) Inspect the equipment regularly.

(5) Quick and active, on-site troubleshooting.

(6) Warranty parts delivered to your door.

(7) Tracking service of key projects.

(8) Actively looking for potential dissatisfied users and recycling complaints.

(9) Provide value service.

(10) Provide opportunities for technical exchange.

(11) Carry out major maintenance business.